Apple Universal iPhone, Mac Charger Coming Soon


Most massive firms have whole divisions devoted to the design and patenting.&#one hundred sixty;Apple obviously no exception to the rule is used to deposit each year dozens and dozens of patents to protect its ideas and prepare its future legal battles. Here, you also think of Samsung? 


Finally, the fact remains that the guys at AppleInsider came across a rather interesting patent describing this as very much like a single universal charger capable of charging a Mac, iPhone or any other iDevice, yes, but can also help to synchronize all . Not bad, huh?

 Going on vacation or away, the nightmare of all Geeks. To start, determine which digital jewelry will be allowed to come with us. So I take the tablet or netbook , huh? And choose between my old PSP and the Nintendo 3DS of the youngest? So many questions and so few answers … Then, once this cleared up, the most difficult starts. For indeed, then we must find a bag big enough to hold all our geekery, certainly, but above all the chargers that come with it. And there, as a rule, is the drama. 


Between the mobile charger, that of the tablet, laptop and all of the cables of our digital cameras and our handheld, there is something crazy and you understand why Apple engineers working on the issue.

What highlights this patent, are the different tracks used by the latter. It is thus a matter ofuniversal charger capable of charging an iPhone, iPod Touch, an iPad, a MacBook Air or MacBook Pro. All with the cable that goes well, of course. And that's not all because it would also issue another cable that can connect to both a computer and a cabbage iDevice, a cable that would allow them to hit the sync and recharge their batteries respectively.


So of course, Apple, all patents do not necessarily lead to concrete projects, so it is possible to single charger that never see the day. That said, we'll still cross your fingers because you have to admit that it is much to do on that side. And like, since there is, which would be great, too, is that its engineers incorporate an inductive charging system for their next mobile terminals.

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