Apple Unveiled Final Cut Pro X for $299


Apple 's Cupertino firm offered a "sneak peek" of the following model of Closing Minimize Professional, Last Reduce Professional X "as modern as the primary" . And for just right cause: she used to be taken to zero, as indicated via the resetting of the numbering and the brand new icon.


Apple ensures that 94% of the 2 million users of Final Cut Pro are satisfied with their choices: "all broadcasters rely on Final Cut Pro provides Peter Steinauer, the boss of Apple's pro video industry.FCP assumes 50% market share of non-linear editing, Adobe and Avid sharing the remaining 50% equally.
FCP X is fully 64-bit with a completely redesigned engine, which will make the most of the power of Apple's professional machines (and incidentally wants to say problems with plug-ins fo
r FCP 7 – fortunately we can keep both versions side by side). 
FCP X is built on Core Animation, Grand Central and OpenCL (and Cocoa) , the latest technology and most powerful Mac OS X, which should provide quite a leap forward in performance.


The new interface is reminiscent of iMovie … iPad: Apple has dubbed Illuminance . It focuses on a single full-screen window of a rather dark gray with many inspectors. The viewer goes: the interface is entirely new philosophy with a revised and updated - the heart of art is preserved and refocused on the editor (even if X gets a few things FCP Color and Motion), the superfluous is left in charge other programs and other crafts, and even other compan
ies … or FCP 7
 . Apple is still very clear: there is no question of considering X as an iMovie FCP Pro.

"The dialog has disappeared rendering ' : X uses FCP rendering graphics rendering processor as using all the processor cores, to provide real-time rendering on the most powerful configurations to the 4K video (released background). You can mix SD, HD and 4K in the same timeline (sync frame rates if needed), and start editing for import (transport on the actual media at the end of import). The assembly is done in native format (H.264, AVCHD, etc.)..

When importing from elsewhere, FCP X can automatically analyze videos: stabilization and correction of the rolling shutter, personal detection, plans (wide-angle, close-ups, etc.. With intelligent collection building), balance White Color Sync
(FCP X has more of a color corrector with masks), but also correction of the audio (noise reduction, etc..).
 We can also apply keywords on portions of clips, a novelty that will greatly facilitate the management plans (eg to prepare the publication of certain plans, the application of a keyword on which to base a Special bin). In short, X FCP is doing everything to prepare the clips from their imports, facilitate classification and management, to ease assembly.

With this new interface paradigms come new assembly . The timeline is "Magnetic": Audio moves vertically so as not to push videos, and two clips can be linked to move together while remaining independent (roll ripple). The default audio "stuck" on video to avoid any risk of desynchronization, but a simple double-clicking to edit. The clips with Auto Collapse Coumpound go even further: they merge several media into a single clip, like After Effects compositions (one unit that can be easily opened when necessary, always non-destructive). The remaining functions of the timeline looks like two drops of water with that in iMovie with the power and functions of FCP.


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