Apple at WWDC 2014 unveiled the next version of the  OS X Yosemite operating system for Mac. Eleventh major upgrade for the Mac was announced on Monday at in San Francisco .

Contrary to tradition, firmly established since the beginning of 2000 OS X version has been named after in feline, since last year, Apple decided to turn to natural objects . OS X Yosemite named in honor of Yosemite National Park . Mavericks last year was named after the big waves off the coast of California.

New edition of OS X brought significant update to the operating system appearance . Transfiguration was not so radical as iOS 7, but OS X have more elements , transparency effects and frosted glass , white texture instead icons found in Mavericks. A black theme appeared to be added in the Notification Center widgets.

Another new feature that OS X Yosemite brought is iCloud Drive, a service that allows to remotely store files and synchronize them between all devices . By analogy with data stored in Dropbox folders , including documents from iOS- devices. Officially supports Windows.


The program received a new interface and a number of improvements ” under the hood ” – more energy-efficient engine and a fast decoding video, a special mode “private surfing .” The program also promises more efficient processing of JavaScript, according to Apple , it is 6.5 times faster than the “typical browser .”


OS X Yosemite expanded AirDrop technology capabilities. The new version of the operating system provides the opportunity to share photos, videos and documents between computers and mobile devices Apple.


In OS X Yosemite,  Mac owner can answer incoming calls to its iPhone, directly from a PC . If a user calls the phone and the computer can answer the call using the PC microphone . It reminds Skype, with the only difference that it is not about IP- telephony and on a conventional mobile communication . Excellent solution for those who do not like to talk for a long time , holding the phone to your ear . Also, the new OS allows you to make calls from your computer with the mediation of iPhone.


OS X Yosemite Developer Preview will be available for developers and ordinary users today. The final version of the system will be released this fall and will be distributed through the store Mac App Store. Download OS X Yosemite will be free to all users Mac.

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