Apple is lately giving a lot of development to iOS 10, we assume that flag optimization is the reason for so much updating. iOS 10.2 is coming, especially since this is already the seventh beta that the Cupertino company launches the operating system in question, so it makes us think that this could be the last betas to launch in this regard, iOS 10.2 would be ready for presentation to the general public next week. Controversies over the latest updates and software bugs have caused Apple to think hard before releasing an update.

Therefore, we think that this update will come before saying goodbye to the year 2016, which only has 24 days left. Apple used to launch an update for the Christmas season, we do not know why, but it is, and there is no month of December that I remember without the consequent update. On the other hand, the development of this version of iOS has also been prolonged in time, we remember that it is there since the end of October.

Well the truth is that absolutely nothing. This beta is dedicated to solving problems with errors and optimizing the system.

Here are the new features in iOS 10.2:

  • New option to keep settings in the camera application, and keep the settings you used last time
  • New option to access the star rating in Apple Music
  • New icon when connecting Bluetooth headset next to battery
  • New accessibility options for the home button
  • New effect “Celebration” in the Messages application
  • New option to sort Music playlists by title, list type or date you added it
  • In addition to the new Widget for Videos
  • New Funds
  • New Emoji

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