NSA-data-center-in-UtahNSA collects personally using smartphone apps like Angry Birds. This evidence was proved by documents from Edward Snowden, now owned by The New York Times and The Guardian . By keeping an eye on app use the NSA can location, age, gender, political affiliation, sexual orientation and other information from users.

According to NSA documents is mainly made of a series of apps that already quite long in the App Store state, including Angry Birds. The NSA describes the iPhone and Android phones as valuable resources for gathering information. The data could partly come from the user profiles that compose advertising agencies to show. Proper advertising

The documents also describe how extensive pictures from certain apps and services can be, for example, location information, to track people locations.

It’s still unclear about the data that the NSA has collected. Using iPhone apps How often the data was gathered by spies is not known, but the documents show that some apps are consulted regularly.

NSA spying  appeared  earlier on the iPhone: in our extensive dossier about spying on the iPhone you can read include DROPOUTJEEP in which the NSA location data, files, text messages and other information gathering. Tim Cook denied that the NSA has access to Apple’s servers.

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