MBA-sleep-3Apple released a software update for MacBook Air. According to the  update description, it fixes a bug related to the system resumes from Sleep mode and load when the device connected to the computer via USB.

Firmware update for the MacBook Air, released in mid-2013 and early 2014, rarely eliminated the issue, which resulted in the computer not being able to come back on after the user opens the laptop lid.

Description of a new firmware for the MacBook Air:

“EFI Firmware Update version 2.8 for MacBook Air.

The update is recommended for installation on models of MacBook Air, released in mid-2013 and early 2014. This update improved the reliability of the system when exiting sleep mode and load when connected to the computer model, some USB devices with Thunderbolt.

The update also fixes a rare error occurs, which could lead to a random reboot.

In addition, the update resolves an issue in which the translation system built-in display to sleep when an external monitor when running Windows with Boot Camp, could be improperly. “

In a statement, Apple said that the update improves the stability of the laptop and is recommended for all users to download the software for MacBook Air. Install new firmware can be done using Software Update function from the OS X main menu.


On June 10, Apple released another software update for the MacBook Air, which fixes a problem that occurs in the subsystem with the battery. In practice, this led to the fact that laptops are quickly discharged in standby mode.

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