Apple tonight an update released for the Apple TV.The firmware is updated to version 5.0.2 Build 9B830. Owners of a second and third generation Apple TV can download the update via Settings> General. However, people who depend on a jailbreak the update wait a little longer, because the exploit that the current jailbreak is now used by Apple fixed it can be. Earlier this month, Apple also has an update for the firmware for the Apple TV.


It also emerged earlier this month untethered jailbreak for Aple TV 2 available. If you want to be informed of the status of the jailbreak Apple TV 2, then it is best to @firecore keep an eye on Twitter.

With less than a week to go until WWDC, Apple already can prepare for the announcement of new services during the keynote. Tim Cook admitted in an interview with AllThingsD that his company takes Apple TV very seriouslyHe hooked so on previous assertions of former CEO Steve Jobs, Apple TV set is not more than a "hobby" called. The success of the Apple TV is relatively small compared with the smartphones, tablets and computers that Apple sells

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