Apple released an update to Final Cut Pro, which is  popular program for professional video editing on a Mac. The new 10.1 version of Final Cut Pro package has been optimized for use with Mac Pro computers of new generation.

The latest version of the professional video editor uses all the hardware and software capabilities of the new desktops Apple, including two graphics cards can be installed 4K resolution video interfaces via Thunderbolt and HDMI 2 and contains a library of content with support for ultra-high resolution (transitions , titles , etc. ) .

In Apple say that Final Cut Pro video editing changes the approach to a flexible timeline Magnetic Timeline for free on the web without editing tracks , an automatic content analysis , which splits files into categories , noting people , frame types and files , as well as in rendering background, you can continue your work.

Final Cut Pro is a 64 -bit application that uses modern system libraries Apple Cocoa. Thanks to Grand Central Dispatch technology in video processing may be involved all core multi-core processor .

“Final Cut Pro – the biggest breakthrough in the field of professional video editing , – said Philip Schiller, senior vice president of product marketing for Apple .”

The new Final Cut Pro 10.1 implemented the ability to automatically backup to external drives , easy connection of third-party libraries , the ability to hide the browser window and adds native support for video formats and MTS MT2S. Also, Apple has improved the performance of the program when handling large projects. New Final Cut Pro allows you to upload videos in 4K format on YouTube, as well as Chinese services Youku and Tudou.

Final Cut Pro 10.1 adds two updated applications – set of professional tools and Motion animation tool for encoding files Compressor 4 .

Download Final Cut Pro can be from Mac App Store along with Compressor and Motion


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