Apple Updates MFi Program With USB-C Ports, Lightning to 3.5mm Output Cable


Apple cable

The controversy was served with the arrival of the iPhone 7 when Apple chose to eliminate at a stroke the 3.5 mm Jack connector of their mobile phones. Curious movement if we consider that this type of connection is still the most used in the market today, something that solved with a Lightning adapter – Jack 3.5mm.

However, this can also be quite interesting for devices that only include USB-C ports. The Cupertino company has also thought about them, and that is that it has changed the MFi certification policy for Lightning or USB-C adapters to 3.5mm Jack.

As you know, MFi products are those that the Cupertino company has certified because they have quality and optimization standards that guarantee their correct operation with iOS products. It is the seal of guarantee that the accessory that we are acquiring will give an optimal performance and will not present compatibility problems, as it usually happens with Lightning cables that are not certified or of extremely low prices. Now Apple has decided to include in the USB-C products the data exchange and load compatible with extremes Lightning, that is, we will see adapters of brands other than Apple very soon.

In addition, the Lightning connector now offers the possibility of implementing a stereo audio output thanks to a 3.5mm jack end. That is, sound quality having a cable that at one end is inserted into the iPhone and the other we can connect any headphones, such as the adapter that includes the iPhone basically. This is in addition to the recent renewal of the MFI logos that we spoke to you yesterday. Little by little Apple is opening up to more markets that make life easier for users.

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