Apple users can download apps directly from Pinterest



Pinterest is expanding beyond photography. The company has announced an agreement with Apple that will allow iOS users to download apps directly from the application itself Pinterest today.

This new feature called “App Pins” is only available for users of iPhone and iPad, allowing them to choose their favorite applications and download them without leaving the tool itself Pinterest. To make this possible, Apple has opened an account of its App Store in the social network where you can see all your apps.
img_0616This agreement is another step in the monetization plan seems to be underway Pinterest. The clearest move in this direction was the introduction of sponsored in December last year, an option which is currently in beta pins.
PinterestThe landing of the App Store on Pinterest may open the way to more developers or shops and give rise to a new facet of the social network.
For now, we can see a lot of applications fashion and food, among other categories. Thanks to the agreement of which I speak, users navigating in the profile of the company on the block see an “Install” button next to each image, thanks to which will download the application is advertised without having to search the App Store manually.
Definitely an interesting way to present different applications from the App Store Pinterest users while offering an easy way to download.

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