A few weeks after the official presentation of the new Apple video streaming service, analysis company Wedbush estimates that the goal of 100 million subscribers could be “a realistic goal in the medium term”.

According to Wedbush, the target of 100 million subscribers in the medium term can only be reached if Apple’s video streaming platform will also open to third-party content thanks to agreements with important partners, while if it is limited to original content only the situation could be radically different. To make a comparison, today Netflix has about 150 million subscribers.

Apple’s new streaming video content service, which will probably be officially launched in the fall, is still in the planning phase and should also include content produced by third parties such as HBO, as well as of course TV series and original films produced directly by Apple. This combination could facilitate the growth of the platform, with the goal of 100 million subscribers that could be reached between 3 and 5 years, also counting the fierce competition in the video streaming market.

Much will also depend on the price. The cost should be $9.99 a month, but an Amazon Prime-style option that includes Apple Music is not excluded. Probably, some content may be available for free for Apple TV owners.

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