Apple VP Phil Schiller tweeted on Android Malware



Phil Schiller,  Vice President of  Apple Product  Marketing on  tweeted Thursday to warn users about the dangers posed by the Android. He shared a link to the study of F-secure, testifying to an unprecedented increase in the number of viruses for OS Google in 2012.

According to analyst reports, 94% of all mobile malware in 2012 accounted for Android. If in 2011, the experts found 5,300 new threats to the platform, then in 2012 the same number of new viruses, and even more they are staying for a month.

Android malware has been strengthening its position in the mobile threat scene. Every quarter, malware authors bring forth new threat families and variants to lure more victims and to update on the existing ones. In the fourth quarter alone, 96 new families and variants of Android threats were discovered, which almost doubles the number recorded in the previous quarter. A large portion of this number was contributed by PremiumSMS—a family of malware that generates profit through shady SMS-sending practices—which unleashed 21 new variants., – writes F-secure.

schiller-malware-reportIn total, over the past year, analysts have found more than 6 million unique “malware” for Android. As a result of the explosive growth of activity of virus writers platform has become the absolute leader in the ranking distribution of mobile attacks: the share of Google-OS in 2012 was 94% of all mobile malware (for comparison, in 2011 the figure was 65%).


In line with consultants, the preferred Android-viruses, cybercriminals in 2012 had been SMS-Trojans. The 2nd commonest crew are spy ware and Plangton Hamob. The 0.33 workforce comprises more than a few changes Lotoor – exploits to get get entry to rights on smartphones working totally different variations of Android.

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