Apple vs. Samsung: heading towards an agreement


Everybody is aware of, Apple and Samsung are engaged in a relentless prison struggle for a lot of months within the container of patent infringement. A struggle which could be very dear to each protagonists. Due to this fact, as a substitute of pursuing this dear course, Bloomberg believes that Apple may for as soon as take a belief to Microsoft annoying royalties to be used of its patents on Android smartphones.


With the recent acquisition of formal intellectual property multi touch, here's a patent fell into the hands of Apple and Apple which may require royalties from its competitors, all of which have adopted the touch on their devices.

According to Bloomberg, royalties could reach 10 dollars a mobile Android sold. Still, it is only on this ground is that Apple will be able to play at the moment, the other alleged violations of patents covering areas a little more vague and debatable for many years … So lay off patent rather than a frontal attack various brands could allow Apple to do better financially. Steve Jobs at the helm, this solution would have been unthinkable as the man wanted to pay a high price for "copiers" . Tim Cook at the helm, this strategy could be more easily adopted.

But that's not all: Bloomberg also imagine scenarios where more eccentric like Tim Cook negotiate better prices for the components of its products from Samsung (read thus: prices down), in exchange for the mutual non-prosecution. Bloomberg also evokes an amicably sharing the market: the iPad would keep the market tight as the 10-inch Galaxy Tab keep one of 7 inches.

Still, the first strategy (less exotic) could be the one adopted in the coming months …


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