Apple wants take over German TV manufacturer Loewe


Apple was in talks with the German TV manufacturer Loewe. Loewe makes televisions and since 1929 also brings audio and entertainment systems on the market. A decision is expected late next week. A source reports that the financial advisor Loewe has recommended the deal to go through. Characteristic of the TVs from Loewe is the minimalist style, which would fit well with Apple.

 The products are still in spite of difficult market conditions in Germany. Loewe saw sales fall 11 percent last year and recorded a loss of 10.5 million.

The final decision will be announced internally later than May 18. Also, there is an amount called Apple would have about 87.3 million euros for the German company. The current market value based on the share price is 58.79 million. Shareholders of Loewe include Sharp (28.83 percent) and LaCie (11.17 percent). It employs a thousand people at Loewe, spread over 50 countries worldwide.


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