In addition to the lawsuit in Germany, the Netherlands, Apple additionally filed go well with in opposition to Samsung served. Webwereld managed this morning to announce the lawsuit in the Netherlands is much more extensive than those in Germany. Apple could even out here on a sales ban on all products in the Galaxy line of Samsung.

GalaxyTab_samsung_950817t While the German case was primarily on the Galaxy Tab 10.1, Apple coined in the Netherlands on many more products from Samsung. Apple wants a ban on the Netherlands include the Samsung Ace Galaxy, S, SII, the Galaxy Tab, Tab 10.1 and 10.1v. Also seen in the documents and note that Macworld has also seen devices like the Galaxy Gio, europe, Apollo, Mini, 551 and the Nexus. In principle, it therefore amounts to a ban in the Netherlands that Apple claims to almost the entire Galaxy line of Samsung.

Incidentally, it remains not only the demand for a ban on these products. Apple would also like to include marketing, distribution and sale will stop. This would therefore mean that all contracted stores should stop selling the products and even have to get off the shelves and stock return. The shopkeepers do not even make it to infringe on the rights of Apple.

So these are proper demands that Apple has filed with the Dutch court. Incidentally, let Samsung do not just sit at the Korean manufacturer has already been passed back and attack. So yesterday, Samsung substantive proceedings initiated against Apple. This Samsung claims that Apple would infringe four patents 3G. In addition, Samsung also tries to ensure that patents and models of Apple invalid.

Only in September the judge will rule on 1 / 1 this whole thing between Apple and Samsung, but not before there can be only on October 13 a possible ban on the products go. We hope at least that's not so far will come mainly because the Dutch are the consumers would suffer.[via Macworld]


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