Apple needs to take possession of


Apple has filed a claim with the World Intellectual Property Organization (WIPO) for the domain name in hands. That is a remarkable development, if you go to the naming of the new iPhone looks. As we all know decided the newly launched Apple iPhone model number no more to give, but simply "new iPa
'to mention. 


The risk is therefore present the next generation iPhone simply "new iPhone" will be called.

WIPO has already started an investigation to determine whether Apple is entitled to the name.Currently there is some discussion on to find where the question of future iPhones.The forum was launched in October 2010, so soon after the iPhone 4 came on the market.Remarkably, Apple in the domain name only action came after the device was already on the market. And in the domain name iPho it took a while, but Apple was suddenly rush to get when it appeared that the website referred to pornographic content. (1)

The name iPhone 5 is more than a year the usual indication for the next generation iPhone to and perhaps indicate that now the only reason why Apple wants the domain.


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