Apple warning staff of iPhone 3GS scarcity


In Apple's subsequent era iPhone anticipation, Apple is already doing a little preparations. They have got a world email despatched to Genius Bar staff, warning concerning the iPhone 3GS stock has shrunk considerably. Until further notice, Genius Bar staff do the following approach: screen repair offer the benefits of a new iPhone. But this can be difficult if there is no stock anymore. An alternative is to give customers an iPhone 4, but it does mean that customers should get a microsim.

9to5Mac has managed to obtain an e-mail sent to all Apple Genius Bars employees in Apple Store worldwide. In the e-mail warns Apple for limited service options for the iPhone 3GS subscription.

The iPhone 3GS has been on the market since 2009 and it seems logical that Apple stops with this model when the new iPhone 5 is on the market. It is true that iOS 6 can still be installed on the iPhone 3GS, which some people have seen as a sign that the iPhone 3GS for a while still in stores.

Yesterday,internal design of the iPhone 5 ever could be based on the iPhone 3GS was on the news. According Repair Labs, pictures of the digitizer and the way in which the screen will be made on the inside is similar to the iPhone 3GS, however, there is a modernized version. The iPhone 5 would have the same plastic middle frame as with the iPhone 3GS. If there is no iPhone 3GS longer in stock, then the Genius device to replace an iPhone 4.

The future of the iPhone 3GS is uncertain. The device supports introduced in 2009, although a stripped down version of iOS 6, but is actually so slow that no residual competition for cheap Android alternatives. The limited support options in the leaked e-mail contribute to the image that the iPhone 4, the introduction of a new iPhone, the role of entry level iPhone takes over.


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