Apple Watch OS 1.0.1 Update Bug Causes To Skip Heart Rate Monitoring



After updating the Apple Watch to OS 1.0.1 ,  the heart rate monitor obviously no longer works correctly and has some long interruptions.

Last Tuesday, Apple released the first update for the Apple Watch operating system. Version 1.0.1 of the Watch OS brings thousands of small changes and improvements. Apparently, however, a mistake has crept. The function to measure the heart rate is unlikely to work under 1.0.1.

the Apple Watch heart monitor usually measures the users’ pulse every 10 minutes. If you, however, in Workout mode, the heart rate is measured continuously. After installing OS 1.0.1 Watch the heart rate monitor in the “normal mode”, however, has dropouts of sometimes more than an hour. In our case, the longest dropouts took 40 minutes. Apple Watch users with Watch OS 1.0.1 can view the Health app on your their iPhone, minutes of pulse measurements.


In Apple’s support forums, there are already several entries on this problem. Another update for Watch OS to version 1.0.2, which resolves this issue should not have to wait long in coming home.

Those who want to buy in the meantime, a video recorder and measured his pulse during the installation of the new device, perhaps should activate the workout mode. Just kidding on the edge

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