Apple Watch 2 already in the works for summer 2016 release



When Apple introduced the Apple Watch in September 2014 said it was his most personal device and knew what his price, all users think that the renewal of its SmartWatch would at least every two years. But, according to a latest rumor comes from a Taiwanese media, the Apple Watch 2 could arrive in summer 2016, which would be only 14 to 15 months after the first generation of Cupertino SmartWatch went on sale . This is bad news for those who hope that, if we buy a watch for the price it costs Apple Watch our watch does not become obsolete so quickly.

According to Taiwanese media Barry Lam,Quanta Computer Chairman,  the second generation of Apple Watch would be preparing at this very moment. This was announced a representative of Quanta Computer, the company that mounts the Apple Watch, in a meeting with investors, more specifically he says it is developing, which means they would be designing the new model and taking the necessary decisions for the new smarwatch ready for next summer.


According to Quanta Computer, the second generation of Apple SmartWatch would have the same availability issues that had the first model, so a few “lucky” to be able to buy and June and the rest will have to wait for July or August, when The company is expected to start producing more units. With the latter refers to mass production start.

On developments include the Apple Watch 2 little is known, but it is likely that the new model is more independent of the iPhone, for which it could use a camera to make and receive FaceTime calls. The Wi-Fi would be another point where the second model would improve Apple clock. In terms of design, it is expected that the new model does not change, but inside the components occupy less space, allowing it to include a larger battery.

More hopeful rumors, and are also the most fantastic, tell us that Apple Watch S2 processor 2 could make this new model was totally independent of the iPhone, which I do not think the end is met. If the new model include GPS I’m sure a lot of us and we would be satisfied. However, all are rumors that we can not confirm until next year at least.(SourceUDN (Google Translate) via GforGames)

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