Apple Watch 2 could arrive in mid-2016



For many, the Apple Watch launched a new product category in the world of the apple. However, most developments are expected in the second version will still have to wait. Newest Cupertino is not falling, and there will more than likely have to wait until 2016 to see it in action. At least that is what is expected for sales forecasts and the implementation of the factories would be released the new watch company.

The Apple Watch 2 could arrive in mid-2016 to the end of the following year, where they are believed to converge the two generations, the current at a lower price, is estimated to be 45 million units sold. Clearly they are really few compared with the figures reaching the iPhone, but it is a fresh from the oven and a much higher than others in the market price accessory, are not all bad results.
The estimated sales growth in generation Apple Watch is partly due to the second generation could come with new materials in the housing and accessories, a camera Face-Time type, and furthermore, would be a WiFi clock able to be self-sufficient in many of the functions now need the iPhone connection.

We could say that Apple Watch has a great future ahead, considering improvements expected in this new version, the Apple Watch 2  which will be likely a new range of products that end up at last  to convince consumers the need to take it all in the wrist. The path is made, the only remains its presentation in 2016.

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