Although the Apple Watch  has only been two months on the market and with the first update WatchOS 2 released last week, the company is already working on the next model that initially hit the market in 2016. The belts, the business of Apple Watch.

The known specialist Mark Gurman at 9to5Mac revealed that Apple will incorporate a number of innovations that will make you take a leap of remarkable quality compared to the current Watch model that is being sold.

The two main developments that would bring Apple Watch two would be the incorporation of a camera and a greater independence of the iPhone.

Regarding the first, the specialized website explains that Apple Watch 2 could incorporate a camera that would allow users to make video calls from your wrist through the Facetime application that is present in all Apple devices. This function would be improved 2.0 WatchOS hand, presented at the WWDC this month. And with 2.0 WatchOS the company and it allows the user to take or reject calls FaceTime on the iPhone.

IPhone dependence on the company is considering giving more functionality to the clock to make it more independent. Currently there are already applications like music, activity monitoring or payments operate independently, however, from the offices of Cupertino want to broaden this range of apps. The idea of ​​the company is to give independence to the clock thanks to a WiFi connection so you can autonomously perform activities requiring a less heavy data transfer.

The battery has been one of the major issues that has been raised on the table, because although initially aroused criticism from specialized sectors, users have not complained about the length, so that the next model will not would innovate in excess This aspect, which lasted a similar manner.

Finally Gurman also points to an alteration of the price as the commitment of the company would launch more exclusive models premiums and thus users would have more models to $1,000 in the market that Apple has released currently.

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