Apple Watch 2 Not Likely To Debut This Spring



According to new report, it is unlikely that the Apple Watch 2 will debut in March. The information comes from analysts and insiders alleged not without grace. What is funny is the amount of contradictory information coming at us, so that in the end one has to be right. When all hope that Apple Watch 2, the first for this SmartWatch Cupertino in March, about a year after the second keynote and when he was ready for sale, new information ensures no new watch Apple in spring .

In this case, various sources supposedly know Apple’s plans are cited. These sources say that March is too hasty to reach the Apple Watch 2.0. The latest rumors stated that the second-gen Apple watch will go in production later this month, where Mark Gurman article mentioned that March would be the month chosen for sale. Gurman not usually fail in his predictions, so this new information loses credibility.

According to these words, yes there will be an event in March. In that event they could advertise new belts with new sensors, which also has considered in the past. Moreover, it appears that the new model standard iPad, the iPad Air 3 will arrive in March, probably 4-inch iPhone called iPhone 6c and probably finally called iPhone 5e. In any case, as always, only time will get us out of doubt. (Source: TechCrunch)

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