apple watch 2

apple watch 2

The first Apple Watch was introduced in September 2014, but did go on sale until April 2015. The World Wide Developers Conference 2016 is fast approaching, and accordingly the possibility that the Apple Watch is presented. 2 there are now finding new information that is actually not new and adapt to what has been reported about this.

The Wall Street Journal published an article in which he speaks of this first year in which the Apple Watch has been on sale. In his article, the WSJ tells us something that no one had spoken so far: the mobile capacity next clock Cupertino. The current model allows us to answer calls, but these calls we make or receive from our iPhone.

Although the Apple Watch is a wearable enjoying a better balance between hardware and software, we must recognize that it has many shortcomings. For example, and what most complaints received at the time of submission, the absence of a GPS that allows us to perform physical activity without the need to also take our iPhone, especially if we consider that we have a phone 5.5 inches.

Another shortcoming is the dependence of the iPhone. An Apple Watch without connecting to a Wi-Fi network or an iPhone can not receive notifications, and if not notified loses much of its raison d’etre. One way to overcome this deficiency would be adding mobile connectivity, also known as cell. Samsung already launched a Gear S2 including eSIM, which is an integrated system that can not be disassembled mobile chip. This chip allows the use of the telephone network at the same time takes up less space than that occupied by a physical card, so it is perfect for such small devices like wearables and wearable. Of course, Apple is silent when asked about this possibility.

Moreover, WSJ also ensures that the Apple Watch 2 has internal improvements, such as a SiP, which in all probability “S2”, more powerful, something we all hope for something seem logical to be called. What is not discussed is whether it will or will not have mobile cameras, something that does that say past rumors, especially a front camera that would allow FaceTime calls.

And when will that Apple Watch 2? Most rumors say that will be presented at the Worldwide Developer Conference to be held from June 13-17, so we still have to wait more than six weeks to find out.

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