Apple is getting ready to release an iOS application update to make it compatible with its connected the Apple Watch. It will be possible perform certain actions, but not all. Indeed, the Apple Watch has no keyboard, so users can not enter their password to purchase apps. In this case, it will go through the iPhone, iPad to complete the transaction.

In the meantime,  Amazon did not waste time: its iOS application includes an extension for Apple Watch for browsing the shelves and buy a product online from the relative comfort of the small screen of the watch. Apple is no exception.

According to information from 9to5Mac, Apple Store app should be available in Apple Watch release shortly. Apple peaufinerait development extension that would be delivered “soon” through an update of the iOS store. Here guests can make some purchases from the wrist, and receive notifications related to the Apple Store. Other functions that require a keyboard, will remain the prerogative of the iPhone.

This summer, when Apple Watch will actually available in the Apple Store physical, invite employees, customers to install the Apple Store app on their watches. Pending the arrival of stocks, Apple Store employees will be encouraged to show the app to interested customers.

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