As we continue to analyze the data that have been revealed at the conference financial results for the Apple second fiscal quarter of 2015, which has ended a few minutes ago. One of the most important economic-news-outside area is that it seems that definitely confirms that Apple Watch will be available in the second wave of countries not until the end of June. However, it was not the only news we have had in relation to the new device.

Tim Cook himself has undertaken to confirm that the Apple Watch App Store has now over 3,500 applications, an incredible number when you consider that this is an entirely new category of product and the apps had to be redesigned from 0 to adapt to the demands of the new product.

To give us an idea, when the iPad was launched in April 2010, there were only 1,000 applications compatible with it in the App Store. This number is even lower if we go back to the opening of the App Store for the iPhone in 2008, when there were only 500 applications compatible with the Apple smartphone.

And it is that developers seem quite dumps with Apple Watch and the new possibilities that this device offers users. In our section apps Watch we have been seeing in recent weeks the large number of small and large developers have taken to create for SmartWatch, and forecasts indicate that this trend will increase.

Tim Cook said the following about this rapid success among developers: “We are far from where we expected to be from the point of view of applications. Our internal challenge was to beat the 1,000 apps and have overcome. ”

The support from the developers and professionals will be vital to the long term success of Apple Watch, precisely because the “killer-app” that both seeks could come from some of the thousands of developers who are constantly thinking of new ideas take our wrist. At present it is possible to access the App Store from Apple Watch application for iOS regardless of the country where we are.

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