Apple Watch could be used to authenticate the future MacOS 10.15 to carry out further actions, thanks to the update of the operating system that will expand the use of the wearable device.

Since the introduction of macOS Sierra, it has been made possible to unlock your Mac via Apple Watch, thus preventing users from having to perform manual authentication.

Apple Watch, at the moment, can also be used to authenticate an Apple Pay transaction on a Mac, using the double-click action similar to a in-store payment, and can also be used instead of the Touch ID for payment with some models of MacBook.

For the next version of macOS 10.15, which is expected to be presented on June 3, this feature could be expanded to allow Apple Watch to be used as authentication for a wider list of activities. The sources have not mentioned what kind of elements could take advantage of the presence of an Apple Watch as authentication, but it is likely that the device will be able to cover practically all instances where the Touch ID is exploited.

Due to the possibility that some transactions are not safe enough to be automatically authorized by the existence of an Apple Watch, it is plausible that a new user interface element will be introduced on watchOS to authorize macOS transactions from the smartwatch display.

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