The Apple Watch is finally available and seem to inspire the masses. But even before the official launch, the battery life of small SmartWatch is questioned. Apple clarifies now and the first experiences of users have come into circulation.

Even before the Apple Watch has come on the market, the battery life was criticized. Too fast would turn out the little battery juice. Unlike the Android Smart Watches, which are approximately 300 mAh or even more battery capacity, the 38-millimeter version of Apple Watch with a 205 mAh strong battery needs to be satisfied. Apple still promises a long battery life of up to 18 hours. In ordinary use to get so over at least a day.

The first experience reports confirm the manufacturer’s instructions: Between 16 and 18 hours running time – depending on the requirements – are, according to user reports possible. In some test of Apple Watch were sporadically still an hour or two longer counted.

However, all rechargeable batteries have a limited life and need to be eventually checked, serviced or recycled. When Apple Watch a battery replacement is difficult, which is why this task Apple has to take over itself. The supplier shall inform this now: The lithium-ion polymer battery of Apple Watch is designed so that it still retains up to 80% of its original capacity after 1,000 full charge cycles. The limited warranty also covers the service for a defective battery. If the warranty expired, Apple offers a battery service. Prices and conditions vary, at least 96.90 euros but you need to plan.

In practice, however, not the battery life of Apple Watch, but the iPhone seems to be a problem. By connecting the two devices while the battery life of the iPhone will be much shorter, not all, but some users. Obviously, the problem lies in Apple Watch Companion app that seems to work currently inefficient.

On the other hand Apple Watch ensures that is less looked at the iPhone, because the notifications, messages, etc. displayed directly on the wrist. Maybe Apple should just fix some software bugs here. We may therefore expect that the software and operation is optimized in the near future.

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