Turn off and turn on the Apple Watch is an activity that will test our patience. The first specialized technology journalists, who were able to try the Apple Watch, have advanced to the first generation of Apple’s smart watch takes a while to restart. That is, if you battery is low and you do not like it to wait for your watch to turn back on, it is advisable to activate the sleep mode or connect your charger.

Reset an Apple Watch is a process that will take more than a minute. Right now, the iPhone 6 half time is in the range of 30 seconds. The most curious of all is that Apple has come to compare the processor of your watch, S1, with the A5 used for iOS devices.

The reason you might find in a search for the optimization of battery: Watch the Apple soon ignite a little longer than usual to avoid prejudicing their autonomy. The power of the S1 chip is noticeable when navigating the smartwatch: applications open quickly and all aspects of work smoothly.

This information is based on Apple Watch demo units found in Apple stores and the comments of journalists who have been able to test during the last days. This Friday the first buyers of Apple Watch begin receiving their units, so we can see new aspects of this issue.

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