We still do not know the exact date of the appearance of Apple Watch in the stores, but it only stirs interest in novelty. As usually happens in such cases, the arena there are those who propose not to wait as “mere mortals” and now the long-awaited purchase of the smartwatch. On ebay yesterday morning,  a working prototype Apple Watch appeared.

Its price was $260, and bought it a few minutes after publication. Too sweet price seemed. However, the windshield and a strange bracelet, made it clear that this is a common Chinese fake, of which there are now on the market for a huge number.

What periodically prototypes of real gadgets from Apple’s labs do appear online auctions – fact. However, this time, it’s a scam.

143Incidentally, those who wanted to have the Apple Watch on their wrist before sales, could exploit the situation and buy at CES 2015, the Chinese version of the new hours. Incidentally, the sample that morning was on ebay, too, looks like a painful exhibited at the conference Chinese Smart Watch. [ CultofMac]

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