Apple Watch could reach Europe sooner than expected


Apple watch

Surely many of you know that Apple is preparing the release of Apple Watch, which was announced last September to be available in ‘early 2015’ without specifying more about it. Obviously, many thought that ‘early’ meant the US and then the other countries will follow behind, as usual,like it happens a with every new iPhone or iPad release.
In some European territories, the Apple Watch will be ‘Available in 2015’, has been developed by magic in ‘Available early 2015’ which has been very happy to Spanish users, French, German, Italian or English.

And what is the reason for this? Well essentially two: the first ‘wearable’ of Cupertino at the end will not be delayed as much as has been speculated in recent times where it was said that it could reach the last day of March because of production problems and, also, because in our case, the Spanish, means that we have in mind for that first batch of territories that will come.

However, it remains to be seen not only the specific date that will come Apple Watch (Just above you can see a ‘before and after’) but what has changed your Apple hardware smartwatch. Remember that in the Keynote September were not particularly accurate in showing what would be his true technical specifications and are anxious to know if there been an ‘update’ or Tim Cook, who tend not to be afraid of these things, have been cut to leave things as they were at the time to incorporate technology six months ago. This time in mobile and other ‘gadgets’ equivalent to several light years.

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