Apple has invited some developers to Cupertino to help them fine-tuning for the first Apple Watch apps. The market for smart watches already has dozens of proposals and Apple wants to differentiate itself through the support of developers that have driven the App Store at the top.

Many third-party Apple Watch apps developers  received an invitation to the Apple headquarters in Cupertino to complete the development of the first apps for the SmartWatch, reports 9to5Mac. This month there will be workshops for over 100 different developers. These developers are working on apps, ranging from the use sports fields to productivity.

Apple representatives should have also met with representatives of banks, to discuss WatchKit apps that work with Apple pay. These banks should include not only American but also German banks. This should be a further indication that Apple at the launch of Apple pay in other countries.

Most developers who are for the workshops in Cupertino, so were able for the first time, the product for which they have developed in the last few months to try software. Initial feedback: The “Digital Crown”, the control dial on the side of the Apple Watch, the developers really like. Force Touch – a feature that detects if the user just taps on the touch screen or solid suppressed – but was a bit strange.

As for the Taptic engine that the user on the wrist “taps” are the ghosts apparently now: A developer is said to have been very impressed, another is the implementation not spectacular.

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