Apple-Watch-logo-mainFinally, the long awaited will be called iWatch Apple Watch. The Apple brand has formalized on Tuesday the launch of its smart watch. It will be sold “early 2015” starts at $349

Subject of speculation for months, Apple Watch was officially presented on Tuesday evening in parallel desiPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus. For his first show connected, happens in a market already in turmoil, Apple promises unprecedented integration in the iOS environment, openness to third-party applications and, above all, a user interface that is truly adapted to the small screen of a wristwatch . We really reserve this Apple Watch: response in the following pending commercial availability scheduled for early 2015 year lines.

Of course, the Apple Watch will take control of smartphones, like the playlists of the user who will be notified of incoming calls or messages are received. But Apple Watch will go further. A simple gesture displayed on the screen shows the faces of his contacts that we can call very easily. Apple shows also provide indications of a route using the phone’s GPS because it lacks GPS system. Convenient for pedestrians … And thanks to the new Apple Pay function, it may be used for contactless payments.


Available in two screen sizes of synthetic sapphire, a very durable material, and three collections (Watch Apple, Apple and Apple Watch Sport Edition Watch, gold plated), it can be connected to the iPhone 5 and above.

In terms of features, no mystery: Apple wants everything done competing watches, doing better, and incidentally do more. On stage, Tim Cook, the head of the company, has made ​​much of the associated developments. The basis is that of iOS, he had to wear and fit a small screen for the wrist. The result is a unique interface from Apple, with a home-like mosaic and new applications dedicated screen: a simplified messaging, for example, to send signals to his family or why not share them with his heart rate. .. pressing the name of a contact can trigger sending a message. If this is not enough poke, it is also possible to quickly draw finger symbol for immediate shipment: a communication without words so.

The interface is underpinned by a system of widgets, fairly standard, allowing for example to display his upcoming appointments, the weather or the stock market price of a share. Navigation is the finger, through the touch screen, the scroll helped by the crown, which then acts as a knob. Each of the “heart” of iOS apps available on this watch has been redesigned to display items suitable navigation.


As an illustration, Apple offers such browsing Plans: you scroll the map of the finger, the wheel is used to adjust the zoom, and for guiding a route, vibration will alert the user at each change of direction. The home screen and display the time (after all, is not that the first watches?) Suggest there is also a very wide latitude to customize, with dozens of options proposed. Apple also points out that the screen can detect the difference between a simple tap and pressure supported, which should enrich the navigation options.

With the dynamic App Store, Apple could not decently close his watch party applications: they will be well in the game, already with software developed by Nike and BMW as a demonstration. The set comes with a software development kit (SDK), including a component called WatchKit used specifically to exploit the “intelligent” notifications. Apple also illustrates the possibilities of this SDK with two home applications, Fitness and Workout, specifically dedicated to the measurement of physical activity (number of steps, calories burned, determine fitness goals, etc.).

The watch will however operate an iPhone companion to enjoy the GPS or WiFi connection. No surprise from Apple, it is also confined to the home environment: Watch Apple and will not work with an iPhone, at least version 5 (or iPhone 5, 5c, 5s, 6 or 6 Plus). It incorporates however likely an NFC chip as the iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus, since Apple says that it will be possible to make contactless payments with his watch.
Apple Watch Competition


As usual, Apple is playing against the current schedule, positioning these ads after wave of its competitors, which occurred earlier this month at the IFA in Berlin. Among the opponents are well positioned noticed the Moto 360 and LG R Watch, the Samsung Galaxy S Sear and the first model of its kind signed Asus, the ZenWatch. All models adopt the Google Apps environment and particularly its variation dedicated to connected devices, Android Wear. They also share the technical characteristics quite similar, some finally demarcating that the shape of the screen, circular at Moto and LG.
Apple Watch

Given this varied range but relatively uniform, Apple highlights the consistency of its environment, as always with the promise of a perfect match between the hardware and software, advanced with the rest of the iOS ecosystem interactions, iPhone head and above all a high level of functionality, might lead to a more difficult to understand for the end user value proposition. One of the challenges, which is why the announcement of several months before commercial availability, will of course be to federate applications and services for the Apple Watch.

Same story at Engadget in which the perfect finish for all models is emphasized. Again, the journalist regrets not being able to actually try out and watch the demo. Gizmodo also made public its first impression of the Apple Watch, they believes that the watch looks better than Samsung or LG. On the software side, the same picture seems to work, but once again, Apple employee who took care of everything.

Slashgear in turn looks at the screen which was described as bright and lively. Here again, the watch gives a solid feel and quality. The reporter notes that the customize side with different boxes and bracelets could be what makes the difference already face with many other watches in the martket.

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