The launch of the Apple Watch approaching. If you want to buy the device on April 24 in Retail Apple Store, you must nevertheless reserve online before, since walk-in purchases will not even be possible on that day.

MacRumors got access to internal Apple documents that contain the details of the current planning for the launch of the Apple Watch. As of April 10, customers can pre-order the Apple Watch is well known, from that day it will be possible in Apple stores, the product even try.

If you want to try out the SmartWatch in this time window, you should make an appointment before the respective store. And also for the launch on 24 April, Online Reservations required: According to the Apple document it will not be able to appear at the launch at the Apple Store and get a copy, without having previously made an appointment online. If customers still make representations without reservation staff to help them make an online reservation.

Accordingly, it should be and give to April 24, no long queues at the Apple Stores so – although experience shows that this form is to a certain extent anyway. General Apple seems to expect that the launch is not enough copies of the Apple Watch will be available to meet the demand .

1-platform-appsThe entire purchasing process will last about an hour, compared to 30 minutes required to buy the cheaper models. If during the meeting the customer changes his mind, the specialist will call another Apple employee who will bring the other two models of Apple Watch. For security reasons, can not be taken out of the safe more than two Apple Watch Edition for customers.

Even the part devoted to testing and care will be more private than the others, with several stools and a more “luxurious”. For post-sales, who acquired the Apple Watch Edition will have an assistant always available, 24 hours 24, regardless From apple Care eventually signed. Even the customer service phone has a line specially created for customers who have taken an Apple Watch from at least $ 10,000 …

Initially, the device will only be available in gold in the Apple Store larger, but gradually in the other store.

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