Apple has completed the collection of video-guides with the publication of the last three videos that remained. As you recall, during the last weeks we have been following very attentive the new section of the website of Apple Watch (US version) in which we explained how to use the most important functions of the watch and move through the operating system of the new device .

The last time we discovered Phone applications, Maps, Music and Siri, and today to complete the collection of videos we look at Apple Pay, Activity and Workout. Given that Apple Pay is almost as simple as holding our clock against a payment terminal compatible, the video focuses almost entirely on teaching us to configure the service from the Apple app for iOS Watch.

Thus, in the section “Apple Passbook and Pay” will find the option to add our credit card or debit card to make payments. We may add as many as you want. Once you are verified, so we’ll just go to Apple Watch, press the side button twice and will access all our credit cards, and … selected a list. Completed transaction.

Regarding the Activity application, we face the longer video of the whole collection. The first time you open the application, we will introduce some basic information about us as age, weight and height. We also have to indicate how active we are in our daily life, something the app will consider to propose challenges of activity. Once you have everything, we propose our challenge Activity Weekly Activity, consisting of a certain burn calories or exercise for a specific time.

The app Activity challenges we propose weekly activity according to our physical state
In each ring of activity we get a glimpse of our evolution sliding the Digital Corona, so we know if we have been doing well in recent days. Furthermore, if the weekly challenges we proposed Activity seem too easy, using Force Touch can decide the next level of challenge. As we show in the app for iOS Activity for all our disaggregated statistics and earned badges will be stored.


Finally, as we see in the Apple website, we look at the Workout app, ideal for planning our training depending on the type of activity that we will perform. We may choose from a list of different activities like biking, running outside or indoor, outdoor walk, among others. The next step is to select our target distance, calories or time.

While performing exercise we can also change the metrics that we are displayed, eg display calories burned so far instead of distance. The video also shows some tricks such as using Force Touch we can end the workout, change the unit of measure, among others.

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