Apple is showing more functions Watch, now is the phone, Siri, Maps and Music. Two weeks since Apple opened a new section on the official website of Apple Watch ago, it was video guides that welcomed us to the smart watch and showed us the most important features of the device. The page is structured so that each feature or function corresponds to a video, although not all are available in right now.

Until now we had the shower video Watch Apple-a quick tour of the most important features of samartwatch-, messages, watchfaces and Digital Touch. Now, the company has returned to refresh the page to show 4 new videos that correspond to the following applications: Telephone, Siri, Maps and Music.

Screen-Shot-2015-04-16-at-4.12.22-AMThe guidelines do not reveal anything new that we did not know already through numerous analyzes that the mainstream media have made the device, but is a great way to see clearly how each aspect of Apple Watch works. For example, when we received a call on the clock, we can use the Digital Corona to access two additional actions: send a message response or answer from your iPhone. We may also use Siri to call any of our contacts.

As for Siri, the video shows that a query is as easy as saying the words “Hey, Siri”, but also can hold the Digital Corona. Siri functions are exactly the same as found in the iPhone, although it is much more convenient to have it within reach of a turn of the wrist.

Apple wants to show how easy it is to do all that so far we did on our iPhone with the Watch
In applying Maps we see that we can use the Digital Corona to zoom in or zoom the view on where we are and, applying a pulse Force Touch, you can access the menu to enter the address you want to go. We may use old or a completely new locations using voice dictation. Watch Apple will send a pulse to your wrist whenever we have to change direction.

Finally, in the Music app found a menu that is accessed from the top left in the player being in which we find 5 categories: Now Playing, Artists, Songs, Albums and music lists. It also shows how using the Force Touch can access various controls such as shuffle, repeat, send via AirPlay or choose the audio output source.

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