Apple Watch

Apple Watch

After some rumors about the storage capacity of the Apple Watch is now a certainty: A total of 8 GB are available. But of which only a fraction are used.

As 9to5Mac confirmed, all three versions of the Apple Watch come with the same memory capacity: 8 GB. There are some limitations.

As Apple has confirmed to colleagues, which provides the user with only 2 GB of music and 75 MB available for photos. The stored on the Apple Watch media may be reproduced or displayed without having to connect to the iPhone.

The choice of music happens to be synchronized on the Companion app that Apple has released iOS 8.2. 2 GB correspond to approximately 200 songs in average quality. Is the Apple Watch connected with the iPhone can, of course, all the songs are available on the iPhone, are played via Bluetooth.

The photo-limit with only 75 MB, however, is much more restrictive. However, Apple believes that users will only save the favorites of their iCloud photo library on the SmartWatch. At the same time the images to fit the resolution of the Apple Watch and thereby reduced in size. It is estimated that fit within the limit of 75 MB over 100 photos.

How Apple splits the remaining approximately 6 GB of available memory and uses, is not yet known. Probably a large part of the operating system and preinstalled apps from Apple Watch is used. There are also cache settings and apps.

Currently WatchKit Apps external to developers are almost exclusively stored on the iPhone and transferred to the Apple Watch only if necessary. Only in the future Apple will allow third parties to store their apps directly on the clock.

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