Until yesterday, it was not sure if the Watch Apple Watch was able to connect to the Internet with an iPhone. The tests give now clear: The Apple Watch can use known Wi-Fi hotspots for data transmission.

As Yahoo! Tech David Pogue writes, it can be used to access various services of the Apple Watch, which require an Internet connection, even without the tied iPhone.

For example, news via iMessage or the new digital touch can be received and sent. Also the use of Siri is still possible. The condition is that the Apple Watch is received in the area of ​​a known Wi-Fi network.

Regardless, the Apple iPhone is not affiliated with the Watch only via Bluetooth but also via Wi-Fi to communicate. Thus, the two devices must not be in close proximity, but can certainly in different rooms are as long as they are connected to the same Wi-Fi network.

The Apple Watch can be pre-ordered  on April 10 at 9:01 clock . Delivery will start on April 24.(via YahooTech)

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