Apple Watch

Apple Watch has already reached thousands of users worldwide, Vogue has published an interesting interview with Jony Ive and Marc Newson, probably most responsible for the creation of the device, at least as far as its design and creative Part. Newson and Ive explained in an interview, among other things, put the considerations behind the Apple Watch why one has chosen for a collection of golden luxury watches and cuts like the Apple Watch compared with traditional watches.

Jony Ive also revealed that his decision to create a model of the Golden Apple Watch was based almost entirely on his love for this material. In fact, a few weeks ago we reported that this decision had several detractors even within Apple, and they were concerned that the company’s two classes of public segmented so clearly. I’ve made that clear: the price and appearance of high luxury product did not come into play when it made the decision.

The use of gold wasn’t driven by some predetermined price point. That absolutely wasn’t the reason we chose the material. We chose the material because we loved it.”

Finally, it is also interesting to know Ive own mouth the great challenge that has led to the creation of Apple Watch, especially getting out usable by all kinds of people. The designer dodged the question of whether he believed that the Watch was aimed at a young audience and instead said the goal is that this could be used by anyone:

“What I know is our intent has remained the same and is consistent, which is to try to take what is remarkable tech in terms of its capability and tility and make it more and more personal. The consequences of that path I’m not aware of, other than that I hope people will like the Watch and find it personal and beautiful.”, said Ive

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