Apple Watch Launch In Additional Countries By Late June


Apple Watch face angle

There were rumors that the Apple Watch could be available in more countries on May 7 when Apple launched its watch in the first wave countries, among which were included Spain and Italy, but our fears have come true: THe new device will not be until June.

United States, United Kingdom, Germany, Australia, Canada, China, France, Hong Kong and Japan are the lucky countries in which already can purchase Apple Watch. What countries will be added to this list? The unknown, as the final date, but in the words of Tim Cook will be in June.

Apple started pre-order of Apple Watch on April 10 to start direct sales on 24 that month. So far it is not possible to buy Apple Watch Apple physical stores, although there are some boutiques that sell in other selected cities (London, Paris …). Right now you can only buy online, with long waiting times, although it seems that Apple is getting them to go short. We do not know if the new wave of releases will follow the same pattern or directly goes on sale. We will keep you informed promptly of all developments there about it.

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