On April 10, Apple Watch will be available to pre-order in 9 countries.. Instagram users share photos of the Apple Watch box. Apple is already sending units of Apple Watch various means and personalities. The first, so they start preparing their reviews once the device to sale it launches. Second, they go looking for the Apple Watch on your wrist and it echoes become the main specialized media. In both cases the premise Apple is very clear: not disclose any information that is not already known.

For someone does not contract conditions should have read as much because thanks to Instagram one of its employees has been seen in some detail the box that will sell the Apple Watch, at least the model in the Daily Mail steel which is what we see in the image. He has also shown us the box it comes one of the belts, in this case the skin.


This entry rather than showing images of the box where the Apple Watch will be called “How to lose the confidence of Apple in one step”. Because as usual, Apple usually send several teams to test prior to the official launch, but with the condition that all the media do not to publish anything until a defined date and time with the intention that all goes at the same time.

So far everything in order and so it has gone through several releases, until today that we may be witnessing the last time Apple sent teams to review one of the Daily Mail employees newspaper uploaded on Instagram photos Watch Apple had signed even when not publish anything about the watch until the agreed date.

In the three photos that rose Jeremy Gan before deleting and switching his  Instagram profile to private , we saw a Steel Watch 42 mm Apple Watch box with steel belt Milanese Loop, which apparently has some sort of support in its inside.


The plastic box, which in turn is inside another carton appears to have the material and design of the box containing the EarPods of Apple, the same white color but finished in velvet fabric can be inside to protect the watch.
On the other hand, you can see two cardboard boxes straps to be sold separately. And this is all that you look at the photos.
Watch Apple Packaging

Now to wait for the analysis of Apple Watch the Wednesday afternoon or Thursday should go out to confirm the veracity of these images.

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