Like with each new release of a product in limited quantities, some trying to take advantage of the situation to gain a good profit.With the release of the Apple Watch, as might be expected, prices are starting to flare on eBay.

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Apple Watch 42 mm steel with a bracelet with a buckle and a validation pre supporting, for example displayed on $2400 for immediate purchase  against $599 at the Apple Store. Of course, some are willing to pay the price in order to wait as little as possible. But you must be careful: some sellers do not merely indicate that the watch will be sent “receipt” without specifying whether they will be among the first deliveries.

If you wander a bit on the auction site,  you will find just ready all watch models but much more exorbitant prices they were not already.The lucky ones who could order the watch Friday and have a delivery scheduled for April 24, offers live resell their jewelry through an increase in the price which sometimes goes up to double the price displayed by Apple.

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