While we are still waiting for official numbers from Apple, and the first estimates begin to appear on the Apple Watch pre-oders that might have taken place on April 10, when the company officially opened the deadline for customers from 9 countries of the world could be your next big product. What do you say? Hold on well, neither more nor less than 1 million Apple Watch reserves in the United States.

According to Slice Intelligence (via Quartz), 957,000 Apple Watch pre-orders would have been made in the United States on April 10. Of these pre-orders, nearly two thirds would correspond to the Sport collection, being the 42mm model in the most popular of them all space gray color. , this model representing no less than 40% of all pre-orders (which also would be consistent with the very first shortages recorded on the model). Pre-orders of Black Metal Stainless model (Apple Watch “classic” model, the most expensive) would have been “only” 3% of the whole.

The Apple Watch Sport represent 62% of total pre-orders Apple Watch while the average price / pre-order by the watch would be at $503.83, finally a lower income than that for the iPhone, which revolves around the $ 700.

Where do the results of this study? Slice Intelligence is based on data received from 9,080 online businesses who volunteered to monitor their inboxes for receiving emails. The full report suggests that 71% of the reserves of Apple Watch last April 10 they corresponded to the largest model of 42mm, while 32% opted for the Sport model 38mm, slightly above 24% chose this size collection of stainless steel.


As mentioned, the Apple Watch Sport in Space Grey was the quietest model with 40%, followed closely by the Apple Watch in stainless steel with 34%, the Sport model with silver aluminum box obtaining 23% and model in stainless steel, finished in space gray with 3%. With regard to the Edition range from Quartz ensure that it does not represent an amount sufficient reserves to be included in the study, although China was sold out in less than an hour

Not yet have data from the rest of the 8 countries, but certainly 1 million figure is an incredibly optimistic and that no analyst had noted so far. In fact, precisely spoke of the Watch Apple could sell 1 million units during the first weekend in 9 countries launch.

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