Apple watch pro

 The upcoming Apple Watch Pro version should bring new changes to attract new users. When it comes to this new version would have a titanium chassis to be more robust. The advantages of titanium are its hardness, high resistance to shocks, chemicals, and corrosion. The only downside is that titanium tends to get scratched quickly.

Besides the new titanium chassis, the Apple Watch Pro would have a bigger screen, about a 46 or 47 mm case, which is 1 or 2 mm more than the most recent version.

In terms of the design, this new series would offer “an evolution of the current rectangular shape, but not circular.” However, one should not expect a revolution with “flat slices.

The Apple Watch would also benefit from increased battery life, which can last for several days with the new low-consumption mode. The arrival of WatchOS 9 on this new watch would also give it better battery life. The release of this new smartwatch will also bring a new sensor.  

We expect this Pro version of the Apple Watch to cost more than the standard version, says Gurman. The first rumors suggest a price range between $850 and $1000 for this new version.

Remember that all this information is still rumors to be taken with caution since it comes from an unofficial source.

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