Apple Watch ready for mass production




According to Digitimes, Apple has come close to the top of the production of smart watches Apple Watch. At the time of start of sales of the company intends to produce 40 million units.

After smart watches were displayed at the September presentation, Apple Watch passed a series of engineering tests, tests and inspections. The inner “filling” of the product ready for mass production, differs slightly from the previously announced. In particular, we are talking about the optimization of the module S1 and reducing energy consumption specially designed miniature processor. The design remains the same.

During another interview at the conference WSJ.D, Apple CEO Tim Cook said that Apple Watch will have to recharge every night. Not in some “smart clock” on the market, engineers failed to install the battery, which would exceed the capacity of 410 mAh. Apple was able to resolve the issue whether the energy management device and increase its battery life before the start of series production – a question that will be answered only in the following year.

If you believe the president for retail and online trade Angela Arends, then Apple Watch get on store shelves in early spring. The company’s policy is well known: the lineup of smart hours will be divided into several price categories. The basic version will cost $350, steel Apple Watch – from $500, and for those who are used to seeing on your wrist exclusive, version gold smart watches, for which the price can reach $4,000

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