We practically knew everything about the Apple Watch … except the price and the date on which may be bought. Apple today unveiled both at an event at the Yerba Buena Center in San Francisco, the same place that Steve Jobs chose for the presentation of the iPad tablet in 2010.

The new Apple clock, designed as an accessory to the famous iPhone, will cost between 349 euros and 10,000 euros for the most exclusive versions, gold and limited edition. It can be booked from next April 10 but will not be available.

Some Apple device to come to an event immediately in the trade. With all-new categories (see first iPhone and the Mac Pro black) that is not necessarily the case – and so does the Smart Watch. Developers get a chance to prepare before launch Apple Watch Apps by an early announcement. The manufacturer also (partly unrealistic) rumors thus takes the wind out of the sails.

The first performance of the clock was in the fall of 2014. An exact date because Apple had not announced. However, on March 9, 2015 Apple held an event in which the SmartWatch will again play a role. We can assume that CEO Tim Cook announced the exact release date for Apple Watch this evening. You can watch the Apple event live stream and live ticker.

Release of the Apple Watch in April 2015


About the appointment can, however, already Narrow. Originally, the manufacturer has promised “early 2015” – this reference but was again now removed from the website. Obviously, there are still problems in the final stages of development, and Apple has temporarily only “Available 2015” stated.

As part of the quarterly results late January, Tim Cook will be still carried away to a more concrete statement: in April 2015, the delivery should begin. Meanwhile, the Apple CEO said to have betrayed his colleagues that this is true not only for the US but also for Germany. In other sales launch of Apple products in this country was often the first turn. Chance of devices were overseas but already two weeks earlier in the store shelves. This could of course be the case in April.

The price of the Apple Watch starts at $ 349. By the way, an Apple-Watch-compatible iPhone is required to use the watch.

The price of the Apple Watch are as follows:

  • 38mm Apple Watch Sport – $349
  • 42mm Apple Watch Sport – $399
  • 38mm Apple Watch (Steel) – $549 to $1,049
  • 42mm Apple Watch (Steel) – $599 to $1,099
  • Apple Watch Edition – From $10,000 to $17,000

The clearest and exclusive model will be the Apple Watch Edition, made of gold. Apple will manufacture limited and only available units in a small number of stores.

Regardless of the material, all watches share the same technical characteristics. They will have a storage capacity of 8 GB and a battery that Apple considered sufficient for “all day” typical use. According to Cook the user can expect about 18 hours of continuous use. Clocks are charged by a wireless system and a magnetic loader that attaches to the bottom of the box.

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