Analyst Gene Munster from Piper Jaffray submitted a report to investors ensuring something that nobody expected: this March, Apple will launch a new Apple Watch, but it will be a model stamped “S”. As you also know, Apple will release a new model of the iPhone with the same design as the previous year but with improved internal components, such as camera 3D Touch or iPhone 6s screen, possibly called 5se.

Munster says that this “S” model will be similar to the current date, as the processor, battery and component design new belts. It also said that it seemed unlikely that includes radio, something that we must not be psychic to guess, since neither the iPhone has integrated radio. If you look, I think (and desire) that Mr. Munster is wrong.
Apple Launches “iPhone x” and “iPhone xS” every two years. True. But to add the famous “S” he was added before a number. The first iPhone was called, logically, “iPhone”. The second and received the name “iPhone 3G” and it was not until the third generation was added the “S” to “iPhone 3GS”. Looking marketing, do you imagine Apple releasing the “Apple Watch S”. It seems unlikely.

There is the remote possibility that they launch a new review, as they have done, for example, with the Apple TV. But these minor revisions are not presented in a Keynote, so it does not seem likely to go to the event name in March.

The Apple Watch is the last, or last if you count the iPad Pro as a tablet, the company’s flagship device that directs Tim Cook. These devices do not typically receive revisions, if new versions that may arise and draw the attention of investors.
The “S” is the letter used by the iPhone. Point. At first it was used to apellidar the iPhone 3G as fast (Speed) and the iPhone 4 and Siri. With the rest, although there has been talk that the “S” iPhone 5s come for “Sensors”, already not change the habit. That said, the iPad has always changed number until the arrival of Air model. But are they going to call such a light device “Apple Watch Air”, “Apple Watch Pro” or something? Again, it seems unlikely.

Another possibility is to use another letter different from the “S”, but neither good nor would think they’ll start doing this from the second model, as I mentioned earlier.
What we all hope is Apple Watch 2. This second model, as all but Gene Munster, a camera will have to answer video calls from the watch, new sensors and will probably have improved their autonomy, but can not do this as fast and will not be ready for March.
What is also new accessories are expected to watch the first model of the block, as new Hermes belt, black belt Milanese or a new range of straps Sport with new colors.

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