Although many of us still waiting for Apple to confirm the official release date of the Apple Watch, there are 9 countries that will launch the Apple smart watch in the coming weeks.

However, it seems that the Apple Watch release could be more complicated than previous ones. As it has been recently leaked initially, people will only able to buy an Apple Watch in retail stores by reservation only, so it seems that this time the company will not have free reserve units for the launch day.


Although anyone who is directed to an Apple Store from next April 10 will prove an Apple Watch following the new system custom quotes, this does not imply the clock backup for purchase. So, as of April 10 we reserve the model in which we are interested, pre-testing it in an Apple Store if necessary, as it seems that it will be essential to ensure one condition upon departure.

Another news we’ve seen recently is that Apple will not allow exchange Apple Watch band swap. As a result, consumers can choose up to 2 different drives the clock to try on individual test stations, but we are not allowed to exchange the straps that come by default.

Surely, this fulfills a criterion of speed dating, then remember that these will last up to 15 minutes. Furthermore, although it seems that all straps are compatible with the 3 collections, many of them do not fit aesthetically according to models. For example, link bracelet with Apple Watch Sport. For this reason, the company may want to “educate” customers to use combinations previously defined by them.


As MacRumors stated, the rest of the known details will be revealed on  April 10, when users may begin to prove the Apple Watch their nearest shops. Of course, as we reported a few days ago, it seems that these will run a demo version of noninteractive system.


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