With the quality and the shape of the sapphire crystal, the more expensive models of Apple Watch are equipped, Apple has impressed the industry. That it is indeed high-quality sapphire glass tha the video below shows.

The production of an Apple Watch is not an easy task, even for the most successful tech companies in the world. Many new manufacturing processes and technologies had to be specially designed to make the Apple Watch Reality. In particular, the sapphire crystal, which is used in Apple and Apple Watch Watch Edition, Apple presented a major challenge, as the recent past has shown.

The “growing” an artificial sapphire crystal is in itself a delicate exercise (Video), must be perfectly coordinated with the temperature, pressure and feedstock.

If this is not the case, the crystal gets cracks or inclusions and is useless for further production. If you have then made it a lot of effort to create a flawless, synthetic sapphire block, it must be cut into individual slices. From these, then camera covers or just display lenses cut. Since sapphire is the second hardest material after diamond transparent, you can not part with a regular saw a sapphire.

However, the watch industry has many years of experience in the manufacture of flat and round sapphire glass for wrist watches. The sapphire crystal of the watch Apple and Apple Watch Edition  but is not round. It is rectangular and also strongly rounded at the edges. Continuous efforts were doubts that Apple can produce a sapphire crystal with such an unusual shape, let alone in mass and relatively inexpensive.

Obviously, it is but Apple succeeded as clear also from Lewis Hilsenteger Unbox Therapy with a Diamand checks whether it is indeed the more expensive Apple Watches by sapphire crystal and how high is the material. The result: It is identical to the sapphire crystal of other high-quality bracelet.

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