Apple announced that the Apple Watch Series 3 can now be used to track ski and snowboard activities. This is not a feature added to watchOS, iactually a new option that is offered to third-party apps. The system already contained all the elements necessary to offer this possibility, but for one reason or another, this option can be enabled starting today.

Several apps have already been updated accordingly. If you have an Apple Watch of last generation and you plan to ski or snowboard soon, here are the apps you can try:

The developers of these apps have access to the data transmitted by the watch, especially the GPS and the altimeter. Specific APIs have been added to watchOS 4.2 to simplify ski and snowboard trail tracking. The users will have several information on their wrist, such as the distance traveled, the altitude difference, the number of laps, the maximum and average speeds, the time spent skiing and the number of calories consumed.

The apps also know when the wearer of the watch stops, enough to automatically pause the measurements, and then resume them. These data will then feed the watchOS activity rings and the data will be saved in the Health app, if the user so wishes. Some apps are even compatible with Siri, which allows you to start a session with your voice.

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