Apple-Watch-trio-mainWithout knowing how many reservations have been made at this time of the Apple Watch, the truth is that it seems the smart watch Hosting apple has completely exceeded company expectations. At present, most models Apple Online Store Watch in the 9 countries that has opened within reserves are completely exhausted.

Indeed, it seems that the vortex of the initial reservation Watch Apple has finally exhausted virtually all of the units available for release. At present, except for 38mm model in stainless steel, all other marked waiting times ranging up to June and even August for the Edition.

The Online Apple Store in China showed the sign “sold out” for Apple Watch Edition in less than an hour. No one could foresee that the first day of reservation Watch the new Apple apple device would exhaust their entire stock in less than six hours, but it has happened. At the moment, seize any model for next April 24 is mission impossible, because all the Online Store of the initial launch 9 countries already show waiting times for June, even August in some cases.


But what this has done to the Apple Watch Edition? You know, the premium collection of smart watch with a range from $10,000 and $17,000. However, to the surprise of many, the Edition has been one of the collections has less quick to run out, indeed, is currently showing the wait time for August.


The situation is further aggravated in some countries, such as Japan, where some models indicate times of up to 6 months of waiting. It is still unknown if this a large number of bookings have completely overcome Apple’s plans or, more likely, to a limited initial production to be related to the rumored production problems that would be experiencing the smartwatch should.

This began to be suspected when Angela Ahrendts sent a statement during yesterday in which he claimed that Apple Watch could only be bought through the Online Store or using the Apple Store app for iOS at launch, because according claimed: “We expect strong demand will exceed our introductory offer.” Yes, indeed it has passed completely.

The Apple Watch dial reaches waiting times of up to 6 months in Japan. Of course, the picture of the Apple Store next April 24 will be very different to what we are used to, because for the first time there would be free units of Apple Watch for those brave who want to stand guard at night without a reservation.


White 38mm June White 38mm 4-6 weeks White sport 38mm July
White 42mm June White 42mm 4-6 weeks White sport 42mm July
Blue 38mm June Black 38mm 4-6 weeks Black sport 38mm June
Blue 42mm June Black 42mm 4-6 weeks Black sport 42mm June
Green 38mm June Black buckle 38mm 4/24-5/8 Rose gray 38mm July
Green 42mm June Black buckle 42mm 4-6 weeks Black classic 42mm June
Pink 38mm June Milanese 38mm 4-6 weeks Bright red 38mm June
Pink 42mm June Milanese 42mm 4-6 weeks Midnight blue 42mm June
Black 38mm June Black modern 38mm 4-6 weeks
Black 42mm June Black leather 42mm 4-6 weeks
Blue buckle 38mm June
Blue leather 42mm 4-6 weeks
Pink buckle 38mm June
Stone leather 42mm 4-6 weeks
Brown buckle 38mm 4-6 weeks
Brown leather 42mm 4-6 weeks
Link bracelet 38mm 4-6 weeks
Link bracelet 42mm 4-6 weeks
Black link 38mm June
Black link 42mm July


In fact, a track that indicates that units Edition Watch Apple would have been very limited is that the waiting time showing before even opening the reservation period pointed to May, unlike the rest of collections that were between April and May, depending on the model.

As a user who claimed that with a time difference of only 20 seconds between ordering estimated shipping time changed from April and early May.

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